Month: September 2007

Lifespring!149 “Falling Into God” Toll Free Comment Line: +1-877-433-9091

This episode is called “Falling Into God”. What do I mean by that? There used to be a series of tv commercials for an iced tea company. I think it was Lipton. The end of these commercials always showed someone taking a drink of the tea, smiling broadly, and then falling backward into a sparkling…

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WMS71: Lifespring! Weekend Music Show

After over a week of being unplugged because of family issues (which I mention briefly in the show), I’ve got a great one for you today! Artists Adrina Thorpe…“Midnight” Randy Coleman…“Last Salutation” Superstrings…”How Long” The Sketches…”Fly Baby, Right Now” Bradley West…”When I Get To Where I’m Going” Exploder…”Santa Fe” Jimmie Bratcher…”Party Goin’ On”

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