Month: January 2011

LSAB003: Lifespring! Audio Bible…Genesis 5 and 6, Matthew 4

Today, we’re going to read Genesis chapters 5 and 6 and Matthew chapter 4. Have you invited friends, tweeted, facebooked or sent smoke signals about the show? Let’s see how many we can get to join us on this journey through God’s word this year! Are you ready to start? Let’s go… The Lifespring! Audio…

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LSAB002: Lifespring! Audio Bible…Genesis 3 and 4, Matthew 3

An audio book version of Genesis 3 and 4, and Matthew 3. A much shorter show than yesterday. 🙂 This is a copyrighted version of the Bible. Please do not copy, rebroadcast or reproduce in any manner either the audio or printed form of this work, without the express written permission of yours truly. The Lifespring…

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