Month: December 2012

Lifespring! WhyChristmas Show 2012 – 07 – Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! On today’s Christmas Day edition of the Lifespring! Why Christmas Show, James & Steve will will be sharing some Christmas greetings and there’s a chance to hear a very special version of the Christmas Story which was recorded for the show a few years ago. And of course we’ll have some top Christmas…

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LSFB332_12: Lifespring! Family Bible…1 Peter 4-5 and 2 Peter 1-3…Reading The Bible Through In One Year

In these two books, the apostle Peter discusses many topics, including how a church leader should live and treat those in the congregation, salvation, false teachers, and encouragement to be faithful.

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LSFB331_12: Lifespring! Family Bible…Nahum 3 and 1 Peter 1-3…Reading The Bible Through In One Year

Nahum ends with some grave words for Nineveh and others in the surrounding area. I Peter speaks about several topics, including submission to authority, husband/wife relations, and being ready to give answers to those who question our faith.

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