Month: November 2014

NewLSFB156: The New Lifespring! Family Audio Bible – Deuteronomy 32

It’s been a while since the last episode, hasn’t it? My apologies. I’m not going to go into all the reasons for my absence other than to say that life gets in the way, sometimes. The important thing now is that the New LSFAB is back, and as far as I am able to see,…

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Lifespring! 212 “Celebrating 10 Years”

On this comeback episode we take a quick look back at the beginning of the Lifespring! podcast and peek at what’s ahead! Yes, there is a future for the Lifespring! podcast!!! Here are links to the interviews mentioned: Steven and Maryanne Abbate “The Fifth Quarter” Jimmie Bratcher “Interview With Jimmie Bratcher: Is Christian Blues An Oxymoron?” Kathi Brixey “Faith Personified”…

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