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Steve Webb invites you to join him as he reads through the entire Bible. Each episode features a reading of one or two chapters, followed by a short commentary.

NewLSFB517: The New Lifespring! Family Audio Bible – Jeremiah 8 and 9

Jeremiah 8 begins where chapter 7 leaves off. God has announced judgment on his people, which is to be meted out through their defeat at the hands of a foreign army, which by the way was the Chaldeans.

The Lord declares that the bones of the kings, officials and priests and prophets will be dug up and scattered across the land, and those who are left alive will wish they were dead.

He talks about their sin, their lack of repentance,and their stubbornness. He says that their teachers have twisted the Word of God, and that they tell the people that all is well, that God will prosper them and preserve the peace.

But of course the exact opposite is true, and their prophets and priests will die by the sword, along with the people.

And then as the chapter ends, we hear Jeremiah cry out to God because of the judgment that is coming. He knows that God means business, and he is heartbroken.

Chapter 9 continues Jeremiah’s lament for the people, and then God says, in essence, “I told them this was going to happen, but they would not listen.”

And then the people protest, saying, “Hey. Look! We’re circumcised! We are your people!” And God responds by saying that the days are coming when He will punish all the wicked, those who are circumcised in the flesh only, and those who are uncircumcised. Israel is being punished because their hearts are uncircumcised, meaning their hearts are not set apart for God.

And yet again we are reminded that above all, God looks at the heart. What is the condition of yours? If you are listening to this podcast, chances are good that your heart has been reborn through believing in Jesus. I sure hope so.

The heartbreak that Jeremiah had for the people of Israel should be reflected in us as we look at the people around us. Most of them have no idea what is coming for them. We’ve talked about how dire the situation is in the world today, but if we’re honest, we don’t know for sure that we are in the last days, or what is in the future for our country. Maybe things will turn around. But on an individual basis, it makes no difference. If things pick up and there is a revival in the country and in the world, each individual who refuses to accept Jesus faces a grim future. A future as devastating, even more so, than the picture painted in Jeremiah. Pray for your friends who do not know Jesus. Ask the Lord to give you opportunities to share the Good News with them. Their eternity depends on it.

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