LSFB350_10: Lifespring! Family Bible…The Final 2010 Episode…Reading Through The Bible In One Year

Welcome to the final episode of the 2010 Lifespring Family Bible. I’m Steve Webb, and I have been your host on this one year journey through God’s Word. If you have been with us for the entire year, I congratulate you. One of the marks of a disciple is making a point to follow the lead of the teacher, and as God the Holy Spirit has been teaching us as we have heard the word this year, I hope that you have been blessed and that you have grown spiritually. It has truly been my privilege to bring the Bible to you this year.

I want to thank my guest readers. As I’m sure you can imagine, reading the entire Bible out loud is quite a task, and it was really great to get a few breaks along the way. May God bless each of you for contributing to the LSFB.

I want to thank the good folks at It was their translation of the Bible, the Net Bible, that I used for most of the year. It’s a free, online translation, and I think it has served us well. They gave their permission to use it, several months into the project, and again, I thank them for that.

And of course, I give praise and honor and glory to God. I’ve been saying this since 2004, but it is as true today as the first time I said it: It never ceases to amaze and humble me that he chose me to be the first one to create a Christian podcast, and that He continues to bring new listeners into the Lifespring family.

The world is going through some pretty tough times right now, and I believe that this generation needs to hear the Word of God more now than at any time in any of our memories. It has been my privilege to be just a tiny part of bringing the Bible to the ears of people yearn to it.

I thank you, dear listener, for listening. Once in a while, I’ll get an email that really makes this effort worthwhile. Just this morning, I got this from a listener named Brian. He said: Steve, I’ve been a listener of your podcasts (Lifespring Family Bible) for over 2 years now. I download the material to my Microsoft Zune daily. It’s great to get fed God’s word while driving or even in the office. All year long you bless your listeners and I just wanted to bless you for doing God’s work and giving so much to so many. Thanks for a great 2010 and may you enjoy God’s richest blessing in 2011!

Thank you, Brian. It really does make my day when I get an email like that.

Thank each of you for listening.

So, what’s ahead? What about 2011? Well, of course, we’ll do it again. I’ll take a little over a week off, and then right around January 10, 2011, show number one will be coming right back atcha! So, tell your friends, tell your family, tell your facebook friends, your twiiter followers, and any other social network or forum you are a part of, to listen through the entire bible in 2011, with the lsfb!

I’ll see you here on Jan 10.

May God bless you richly, and have a happy new year!