Lifespring! Family Audio Bible - Steve WebbIn chapter 23, we saw the Saul was still after David, and he almost had him, but God intervened with the report of the Philistines attacking the land.

And then in chapter 24, we saw that David had the perfect opportunity to take Saul out, but David spared Saul’s life because Saul was God anointed king.

David was anointed to become the king of Israel. God chose him, but He did not choose to remove Saul. God’s timing is rarely our timing. Remember His promise to Abram that He would make him a great nation. Abraham waited twenty-five years for the birth of his first son. David knew that was not his place to rush God. He knew that when God made a promise, He would fulfill it.

In our age of nearly instant gratification, waiting is something that we are not very good at. We want it NOW. But waiting can be a good thing. Maybe we’re not ready to receive the thing we want. Maybe it isn’t something that we should have. If it is for us, maybe God is testing our faith.

There is a phrase that we see in the Bible. Have you heard it? “In the fullness of time”. In the fullness of time. So many things in our lives depend on the fullness of time. A child comes in the fullness of time. A college degree comes in the fullness of time. My children moved out of the shelter of our home in the fullness of time. (Well, two of them did. One will be leaving soon, much to the dismay of the lovely Lady LeeAnn.) My grandchildren came in the fullness of time, and there is another one on the way.

None of these things could be, or should be rushed. God knows what the perfect time is. And He knows what the perfect time is for you.

Are you waiting for something? Are you impatient for that thing to happen? It will, in the fullness of time. Wait on God. Go about your life, serving Him, loving Him, following Him. In the fullness of time, God will bring it to you.

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