Lifespring! Family Audio Bible

Hosted BySteve Webb

Steve Webb invites you to join him as he reads through the entire Bible. Each episode features a reading of one or two chapters, followed by a short commentary.

NewLSFB564: The New Lifespring! Family Audio Bible – Ezekiel 33-35

Have you heard the phrase, “To whom much is given, much is required”? It’s based on Luke 12:48. Chapter 34 in today’s reading was in the same vein. God told the shepherds of Israel that they had forsaken their responsibility to care for the people of Israel. Who are these shepherds? They are the priests and Levites, the princes and judges, and the kings.

Friends, when we are responsible for the protection and well-being of someone else, whether one person or a group of people, that burden is given to us by God Himself. And if we are not faithful in fulfilling the responsibilities that go along with that burden, we are held accountable.

It’s one thing if we don’t take care of ourselves, but it is entirely different if we don’t protect those who are in our care.

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