In Touch With God’s Character

Hosted BySteve Webb

God is known by many names. This is a short, three minute show that focuses on one of His names in each episode, helping us know Him in a fresh and encouraging way.

ITWGC31: Lifespring!s In Touch With God’s Character

“When you fall, pick up something.” ~Oswald Avery

Wise words from a very smart man. Oswald Avery was one of the scientists who discovered that DNA is the material of which genes and chromosomes are made, back in 1944.

We usually think of falling in a negative light. We associate falling with pain, or failure. No one wants to fall.

But Dr. Avery throws a different light on falling with this six word sentence?Whenever you fall, pick something up. Now we are challenged to look for something useful while we?re down in this new ?fallen? position. We might as well take advantage of the new view of things given us by our lower vantage point. Most successful people will attest that they have learned valuable lessons from such setbacks.

So, given the idea that falling can be a good thing, what of the object that caused the fall? This is the characteristic of God I want to focus on in todays In Touch With God’s Character.

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