In Touch With God’s Character

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God is known by many names. This is a short, three minute show that focuses on one of His names in each episode, helping us know Him in a fresh and encouraging way.

ITWGC42: Lifespring!s In Touch With God’s Character “God Is My Strength”

Train EngineRichard Mylander shared the following story:

“On my way to a conference in Colorado I was driving uphill along a major interstate, when I overtook a freight train going the same direction at a slower speed. The train was being pushed uphill by two locomotives that sounded as if they were straining at full power. I’m a flatlander from the Midwest. ‘Is this how trains move in mountainous terrain?’ I wondered.

“A few minutes later, I gradually came alongside the front of the nearly mile-long string of cars. There I found five more locomotives pulling the train. Seven engines in all! Where I come from, I rarely see more than three.

“That train was a lesson for me. I had been under serious strain for some time. I was feeling tired and was wondering whether I could persevere under the pressure.

“‘How like God’, I thought. ‘When I am pushing a load uphill with all the strength I have and feel like my energy level is depleted, He wants me to know that He is in the lead, pulling with power far greater than mine.'”

In these difficult times, it is good to be reminded that we are not alone, that we do not have to bear the burden by ourselves.

In Psalms 22:19 David wrote:
“O LORD, do not stay far away! You are my strength; come quickly to my aid!”

God is our strength! in Hebrew, God is our Eyaluth.

I don’t know about you, but my strength is not up to the task of getting me through this life alone. I NEED God’s eyaluth.

You may be saying, “Steve, you’re just weak. That’s fine for you, but I don’t need anybody or anything to get me by. I’m a self made man. When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”

My friend, I have a response for you. The late journalist Sydney J. Harris wrote, “Knowing your own strength is a fine thing. Recognizing your own weakness is even better. What is really bad, what hurts and finally defeats us, is mistaking a weakness for a strength.”

And the apostle Paul said, “…when I am weak…that’s when I am strong.”

When Jesus is our Savior, when we belong to Him, when we acknowledge that we need His strength, when we call out to Him, then He hears us. He is our Eyaluth, our strength.

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