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Crossing Over, Part 3

Today, we conclude our conversation with the remarkable Ellie Collins.

By way of review, Ellie has told us of her very poor and traumatic childhood and adolescence. Raised by a physically abusive grandmother, sexually abused by her step-father and step-brother, forced into a marriage at 16 years old to a much older man who raped and beat her, raped again by a man who was supposed to be helping her escape, and then forced into prostitution.

In the midst of this, she cries out to God in the best way she knows how, and pleas with Him to get her out of there. Miraculously, God sends a friend who helps her escape the clutches of the brothel owner.

She makes her way to America, learns to speak English, and ultimately begins to build a life as a beautician, with a clientele that includes Hollywood celebrities.

She marries a man who after several years of marriage desserts her.

This sends her into a life of drugs and promiscuity. This is where we begin our episode.

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Link to December, 2005 interview with Adrina Thorpe.

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