Lifespring! 55 Interview With Jimmie Bratcher – Is Christian Blues An Oxymoron?

DOWNLOAD THE PODCASTThe concept of “Christian Blues” might sound like an oxymoron, but whether you think it applies or not, you are going to love the music of Jimmie Bratcher. He’s got a brand new CD out, and I had the opportunity to talk to Jimmie on the phone about the CD plus a few other things as well, and you get to listen in!

One more thing: we’re only 4 weeks away from our One Year Anniversary! Listen to see how you can participate in the celebration.

Jimmie Bratcher’s music is available at his website,, and the Podsafe Music Network.

Rob Costlow’s ebay auction is here.

I also used some of Mark Steven Brocke’s beautiful acoustic guitar music on the show. Get it here.

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