How many times have you been driving down the road, when you became aware that you were headed in the wrong direction? You know, you need to get somewhere. Maybe you’ve never been to this place before. You’ve heard of the place, maybe even had some people tell you about it, and give you directions.

But somewhere along the way, things don?t look quite right….

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28…Miles Away

Adrina Thorpe…Round the Bend

Podcast of the week

Short Cummings audio. Weekly six-minute audio humor essays. Each week you’ll be treated to a brand-new audio essay. No rambling here, just quick-witted wordplay and wry observations on life. Always fun to listen to.

Website of the week

?I am *not* an Apple fanboy. As you know, I?ve already mentioned that I have chosen to produce my audio shows on my pc and leave the mac for video. But I love the mac/pc commercials. If you haven?t seen the new “Security” spot in this series, you really must. I?ll put a link on the shownotes to the apple site. Just click on the one labeled “Security”.

Apple site is here.

News item of the week

From cnet: : Sirius Satellite and XM Satellite to merge.


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