Lifespring!128 “Cosmic Bully or Cuddly Teddy Bear?”

Many times people say that the God of the Old Testament was all about judgment, that He was mean and angry. I’ve had people say that to me more than once. They look at the times where God would punish the people, or bring judgment and bondage, and focus there.

Then those same people look at God in the New Testament and say that He’s all about grace and love and forgiveness. And they focus only on the grace and forgiveness. They say that’s the God I want to serve. They look at God as a big cuddly teddy bear or something.

Which is true? Listen to the show for the answer!


Why I Sing
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from “Why I Sing”
by Lene Nørrelykke
In The House Records

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My Heart Belongs To Jesus
Download “Turn My Whole Life Around” (mp3)
from “My Heart Belongs To Jesus”
by Melvin Taylor
L’lezra Entertainment Group

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