A very different show today because I am interviewing Bill Aho of Clear Play. They did not pay for an endorsement or offer any other benefit to me for this interview. I just really like what they’re doing.

Podcasts Mentioned in the show:

Rob Walch of Podcast411.com
Daniel Johnson, Jr. of Journey Inside My Mind


I am happy to be one of the sponsors of the Let Them Hear You contest. This is the idea of the good folks over at the Dancing With Elephants podcast.

Want to enter the Let Them Hear You Contest? Then send the name of the podcast you reviewed, a copy of your review, the podcast directory where you posted your review, and your user name if applicable to dwecontest@gmail.com. Have fun and Good Luck!

The following are the ground rules for the Let Them Hear You Contest:

1. Enter as many times as you like.

2. Each review must be 20 words or more and end with “R U Listening?”

3. No copy and pasting the same review for multiple shows.

4. No writing multiple reviews for the same show in multiple podcasting directories.

5. Since this is our contest, we have the final say on what we consider to be a legitimate review. Needless to say, “This podcast is really, really, really, really, really, really, really good.” will not make the cut.

6. The podcast directory has to be recognized as a legitimate directory such as iTunes, Podcast Alley, or Podcast Pickle.

7. Each legitimate review counts as one entry in the drawing.

8. Two winners will be selected by random from the pool of legitimate entries. (1) 1st Runner Up, (1) 2nd Runner Up, and (1) Grand Prize Winner.

9. Entries must get to us no later than Friday, May 11, 2007 at 11:59 PM US Central Time.

10. This contest is open to anywhere you can make use of the prizes.

11. Alternative prizes will not be substituted.

1st Runner Up:
3 Blind Mice’s Good Grief
Jonathan Coulton’s Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow
A Large comedy4cast Coffee Mug **NEW**

2nd Runner Up:
A $25 iTunes Music Store Gift Certificate donated by The Dinkycast **NEW**

Grand Prize:
3 Blind Mice’s Good Grief
Jonathan Coulton’s Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow
Seasons 1-4 of The Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd
A 1 Year Membership to Dr. Floyd’s Imagination Nation
An Apple iPod Shuffle
A Marware USB Travel Dock for the iPod Shuffle

If you are a podcaster and would like to play the Let Them Hear You Contest Promo on your show, you can get it here here

The Let Them Hear You Contest is sponsored by Dancing With Elephants with the assistance of The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd, comedy4cast, The Dinkycast and the Lifespring! Family of Podcasts.


Nicholas Alan…”Hollywood”

Martin Ekman …”It’s Always A Beginning When Something Ends”


I read a poem written by my great grandmother, Lavinia Johnston. Here it is:

Poem by Lavinia Johnston

This poem was written sometime in the 1960s when my great grandmother was in her 70s or 80s.

Website of the Week

This video is at Youtube and is titled “The Day They Took God Out Of The Schools”

Podcast of the Week

Of course, it the Dancing With Elephants podcast!

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