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Mark Miller


Two Causes

It’s really rare for me to ask my listeners to financially support any specific “cause”, but today I have two.

The American Association For Lost Children

I recently met a new friend on MySpace that I want you to meet.

The story of the AAFLC has been in Reader’s Digest, Woman’s World, Biography Magazine, and other magazines. Mark has been on Hard Copy, 48 Hours, CNN’s Larry King Live, Inside Edition (three times), and several other TV shows.

Mark Miller’s story is perfect for the Christmas time of year, and with our Going Deeper theme. I spoke with Mark last week for a little over a half hour and found him to be genuinely passionate about what God has called him to do.

For the past twenty years, he’s been helping to find lost and abducted children, reuniting them with their families. He’s been “boots on the ground”, actively searching, going where ever the trail leads. He’s committed to Going Deeper. That conversation is on this show.

Please help The American Association For Lost Children by making your default search engine and making the AAFLC the charity of your choice.

Karmyn Tyler’s Sister

Many of you know who Karmyn Tyler is.

Karmyn Tyler | Image ©Michael D'Ambrosia

Karmyn Tyler

Photography: Michael D’Ambrosia

I’ve played her music many times on the show. She’s a wonderful singer.

More than that, I’ve come to know Karmyn as a friend.

Last year, she recorded a beautiful rendition of Silent Night for the Christmas show that I did with my friend James Cooper, she led our praise and worship time at the podcast expo worship service, she’s been to my house with her mother, Sue, and it’s looking like she may be joining LeeAnn and I here at the house on New Year’s eve.

She’s one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet, and I believe that part of the reason for that is her mom and dad are quality people, and they are a quality family.

On November 27th, Karmyn’s sister Diane and her two daughers, suffered a terrible tragedy. While they were away from their home, a fire started that eventually engulfed the entire structure. They lost everything, including two cars. When they arrived home, they found that everything was gone.

Imagine how you would feel. Devastated. Shocked. Emotions all over the board. And Christmas less than a month away.

It would be so kind of you if you could help Karmyn’s sister Diane and her daughters to have a better Christmas than they might otherwise have this year. Having recently had some dealings with the insurance industry myself, with the theft of all my worktools, I know that even if you are insured, they don’t cover everything. I’m sure that every extra penny that Diane has is having to go for basic living expenses and then making up the difference for what the insurance won’t cover. There won’t be much extra for Christmas. That’s where we can help. Karmyn has put up a link on her website,, that will allow you to make a donation to Diane and her girls. Any amount will help.

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