Lifespring!159 “How To Have Power, Potential, and Passion In Your Marriage”

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the most important people in my life, Del Brixey. This is a man that God has used more than once to bring me face to face with Himself. He and his wife, Kathi, are doing some very special and very important things today that I wanted you to hear about.

Way back on Lifespring! 85, which I named “Faith Personified”, I talked with Kathi, in which she talked about her battle with multiple sclerosis and cancer. I love these two people, and I hope you will too.

Del and Kathi Brixey


Del and Kathi Brixey’s ministry is called Challenged To The Core.


Challenged To The Core

You can email them here. Daniel Johnson, Jr.’s

“Journey Inside My Mind” podcast is here.

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