Lifespring!161 “Speaking In Unknown Tongues? Me???”

I’ve got a great show for you today, if I do say so myself. My Nigerian friend has sent a passel of questions for me to answer, and I’m going to answer a few of them today. We’ll talk about women in the church, whether they should teach or even be pastors, and we’ll talk about the fate of babies who die. I think you might find some interesting stuff there, and I’m going to encourage your participation, too.

We’re going to touch on some new stories that deal with believers, and I’m going to talk about the newest show in the Lifespring! Media family. Yep, just a couple of weeks after telling you that there were going to be no new shows in the Lifespring! Media family, many of you already know about a new show in the Lifespring! family. And I need YOUR help with it. Your involvement. I’ll tell you about at the end of the show.

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Jeff Caylor
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Dan Ryker

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