Lifespring!209 “Interview With Steven and Maryanne Abbate – The 5th Quarter” Part 3

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The Final Episode of our interview with Steven and Maryanne Abbate

Steven and Maryanne talk about how their marriage survived the loss of their fifteen year old son, Luke.

In addition they discuss how their family and priorities have changed, and their reasons for opening their lives for public view.

I have so much admiration for them for opening up their lives as they have done, but they truly want others to be helped by their experiences. And it is good to know that, even through the human frailties, God will lift us up and help us to make it through. It can be a long and painful process, and both Steven and Maryanne said that they are still working through some of the aftermath of such a great loss, you heard two people who still love God and trust Him.
Thank you again, Steven and Maryanne, for your generous gift of time to me and the family of Lifespring! listeners.


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