Lifespring!59 Interview With Adam Curry: Our One Year Anniversary and the Podfather Meets the GodCaster!

Hosted by Steve Webb

Our one year anniversary is finally here! We look back at the past year, hear emails and audio greetings from many different listeners and podcasters, and take a look at what’s ahead for the Lifespring! podcast.

Oh, yeah. One more thing…a conversation with Adam Curry! We discuss topics ranging from his desire to be a televangelist(!) to advertising on “religious” podcasts. A must listen for anyone interested in knowing the thoughts of the man known as the Podfather!

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Podcasters we heard from:
Leo Laporte
Adam Curry
James Cooper
Steve Gibson
Ed Roberts
Victor Cajiao
Rick Wezowicz
Doug Kaye
Michael Geoghegan

Musicians we heard from:
Jimmie Bratcher
Rob Costlow
Brother Love

Comedians we heard from:
Bob Smiley

Next week, we’ll get into the real meat of our marriage mini-series. If you know anyone who’s marriage needs an infusion of life and love, please tell them to listen in.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this anniversary show. From emails, to audio comments to greetings at the Portable Media Expo.

More than that, my gratitude goes to everyone who has listened to the Lifespring! podcast over the past year, and who has voted for the show at PodcastAlley, helping to keep the podcast easy to find there.

Most of all, I give my thanks and praise to the One who first gave me the idea to do this podcast, and who has continued to lead me and guide me. The One who has made me His, and who loves YOU… Jesus Christ. It is because of Him that I continually aim to “hit you right between the ears with the message of hope, love and Good News.”

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