Lifespring! Weekend Music Show

Hosted BySteve Webb

A fun assortment of music. Could be blues. Maybe classic rock or Hawaiian slack-key. Perhaps Gershwin, perhaps punk. The common thread is quality. No junk here. Take a listen.

WMS01: Lifespring! Weekend Music Show

Hosted by Steve Webb

Woo-hoo! Let’s have some fun with some great music!

This is the first Lifespring! Weekend Music Show. In this show, I tell you a little about my musical background, some radio history, and why I’m doing this show.

Artists and Songs

Jimmie Bratcher with “Something Better”. I mistakenly said that this cut was from the Red, White and Blues-Live! CD. While that song is on the Live CD, this particular version of the song is from the “Something Better” CD. Sorry, Jimmie!
You can download the “Live” version from iTunes by clicking here.

The Critics with “Fairie Queen”. This song is not available on iTunes, but several other cuts from the “Soul Still Remembers” CD are. Click here.

Bryan Duncan with “Never Lied To You”. Of course, since the song on my show was recorded at my church, you can’t download that version, but you can download Bryan’s CD “Music City Live”, which has this song, and a bunch of other great tunes. Click here.

Chris Mills sang “Living the Dream”. This one is from the Podsafe Music Network (PMN). Click here.

Peeper Radio Theatre did the Peeper Auto Cars spot. This, too, is from the PMN. Click here.

Noam Weinstein did “Changes”. PMN. Click here.

Bill Neubauer played some great Hawaiian Slack Key on “Fairest Lord Jesus”. Click here for more info.

Johnny Nicholas did some fantastic blues with “John the Revelator”. Found Johnny at the PMN. Click here.

And of course, I couldn’t leave out Adrina Thorpe. The song was “Round the Bend”. Click here to buy the album from iTunes. Or here to buy directly from Adrina.

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