SPECIAL EDITION…Lifespring!, Lifespring! Weekend Music Show, and Life Out Of Step “Remembering The Sweet Comfort Band’s Kevin Thomson”

The world is just a little bit poorer, and Heaven just a bit richer, with the passing of Kevin Thomson this past Sunday, May 30, 2010.

Who was Kevin Thomson, you ask? He’s the guy playing the bass on the music you’ll be hearing on the show today. He’s one of the founders of the Sweet Comfort Band. He was, according to all accounts, one of the most solid believers you would ever want to meet.

If you’re not familiar with the Sweet Comfort Band, or SCB as they were sometimes called, let me give you a very brief synopsis of their history. SCB was formed in 1972, and played their first gig right here in Riverside, I believe the venue was what was then called Calvary Chapel of Riverside, now known as Harvest Fellowship, with Greg Laurie being the Pastor then and now. This was during the Jesus Movement, and they brought a new style of Christian music…a sort of mixture of rock, jazz and funk that had never been heard in this context. The Jesus music, up to this point, was sort of a folk rock or soft rock, with the likes of Love Song, Children of the Day, Mustard Seed Faith and others. SCB’s tight instrumentation and energy set them apart. By the time they played their last concert, also here in Riverside, 1984, they had sold millions of albums, and Contemporary Christian Music had been forever changed.

If you’ve been a listener for a while to the Lifesping shows, you know that one of my good friends is Bryan Duncan, who was one of the lead vocalists with Sweet Comfort. It was from Bryan that I learned of Kevin’s passing. I thought it would be good to hear from him his memories of Kevin, so I asked him to come into the studio. Then I thought how cool it would be if he would call the other Sweet Comfort Band members, drummer Rick Thomson (Kevin’s brother), and guitar player and vocalist Randy Thomas, to see if we might be able to do a conference call and get their input as well. It was short notice, and Randy couldn’t join us on the phone from Nashville, but Rick, who I just learned lives right here in Riverside, was able to come into the studio.

Here’s Bryan’s post about Kevin.

Music on today’s show:

Let It Go
When I Was Alone
Got To Believe
Childish Things
Get Ready

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