Lifespring! Music Show

Hosted BySteve Webb

A fun assortment of music. Could be blues. Maybe classic rock or Hawaiian slack-key. Perhaps Gershwin, perhaps punk. The common thread is quality. No junk here. Take a listen.

WMS98: Lifespring! Weekend Music Show “Despite Repeated Snow Leopard Crashes”

Today’s Music

The Twisters
“I’ll Make It Up To You”

Saffire–The Uppity Blues Women
“Going Down to the River” (mp3)
from “Havin’ the Last Word”

Big Mo and the Full Moon Band…”Roll Down Your Sleeves”

Visible From Space…”If You Axe Me”

Kelly Joe Phelps
“Ever Be Here Again”
from “Lead Me On (15 Year Anniversary Edition)”

Harrison Kennedy…”Make A Difference”

Harrison Kennedy

Harrison Kennedy

Jimmie Bratcher….”Can’t Get Over It”

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