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Bringing you Christmas music, traditions, customs and fun! Hosted by James Cooper of, one of the world's most popular Christmas websites, and Steve Webb.

Day 25 – Lifespring! Advent Calendar “Happy Christmas!”

Mary, Joseph and JesusToday, on the final day of the calendar, we find out what Christmas is really all about, the birth of Jesus.

Happy Christmas everyone and Happy Birthday Jesus!

Find out more about Jesus’ Birth at whychristmas?com


Bryan Duncan and the NehoSoul Band

Special, huge thanks go to Mr. Bryan Duncan for allowing us to use his song, “This Christmas” for our theme music this year. Please consider purchasing some of Bryan’s music from his website here.

The background music today was from

Winter Tidings
Download “Joy to the World / The Gift” (mp3)
from “Winter Tidings”
by Al Petteway & Amy White
Maggie’s Music


Thanks to the guests who contributed to the Lifespring! Advent Calendar this year:

Bryan Duncan, Steve’s friend, and whose music was used as the theme for the Lifespring! Advent Calendar, who read for us on Day 3.

Karmyn Tyler, on Day 9, for her special rendition of “Silent Night”, recorded just for the Lifespring! Advent Calendar!

Ron, from the Griddlecakes Radio podcast, on Day 17.

Reverend Rosey Grier, for his reading of the scriptures on Day 24.

Steve’s sons, Steven and Timothy, for sharing bad Christmas jokes on Day 12.

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