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Bringing you Christmas music, traditions, customs and fun! Hosted by James Cooper of, one of the world's most popular Christmas websites, and Steve Webb.

Day 9 – Lifespring! Carol Stories “Silent Night”

Lifespring! Carol Stories

Today we’ll find out the history behind ‘Silent Night’, it might not be what you think!

Find out more about Silent Night at whychristmas?com


Theme: Bryan Duncan and the NehoSoul Band…”This Christmas”

Background guitar: Michael Silvestri

Christmas In New England - Guitar Celebrations For The Holidays
Download “Silent Night” (mp3)
from “Christmas In New England – Guitar Celebrations For The Holidays”
by Michael Silvestri

Full vocal version of Silent Night: Allison Crowe

A cappella version recorded especially for the Lifespring! Advent Calendar by Miss Karmyn Tyler. Thank you so very much, Karmyn, for your generosity!

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