Lifespring! WhyChristmas Show

Hosted BySteve Webb and James Cooper

Bringing you Christmas music, traditions, customs and fun! Hosted by James Cooper of, one of the world's most popular Christmas websites, and Steve Webb.

Lifespring! WhyChristmas Show 2012 – 07 – Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! On today’s Christmas Day edition of the Lifespring! Why Christmas Show, James & Steve will will be sharing some Christmas greetings and there’s a chance to hear a very special version of the Christmas Story which was recorded for the show a few years ago. And of course we’ll have some top Christmas music!

Read about the Christmas Story on

The music in the today’s show:

The Christmas Story Cast

Gabriel: Anthony Getting –
Mary: Karmyn Tyler –
Elizabeth: Natalie Nicole Gilbert –
Angel: Bob Souer –
Shepherd 1: Bryan Duncan –
Shepherd 2: Kenny Metcalf –
Shepherd 3: Dave DeAndrea –
Wise Man 1: Ron Ploof –
Wise Man 2: Ron Stroope –
Wise Man 3: RevTim –
King Herod: James Cooper –
Narrator: Steve Webb –

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