Lifespring! WhyChristmas Show

Hosted BySteve Webb and James Cooper

Bringing you Christmas music, traditions, customs and fun! Hosted by James Cooper of, one of the world's most popular Christmas websites, and Steve Webb.

LSWC09-09: Lifespring! Why Christmas Day 9

Today is a very special show!

You’ll learn how you can get the chance to win a signed copy of Bryan Duncan’s “A NehoSoul Christmas” CD!

To enter. email the answers of the Christmas Trivia questions below to or

The Questions

1. What famous Christmas Classic did Bing Crosby record in 1942?

2. What was the name of Mary’s cousin she went to visit when she was pregnant?

3. Who invented electric lights for Christmas trees?

4. What’s the name of the Jewish festival that’s celebrated around the same time as Christmas?

5. How many other reindeer help Rudolph pull Santa’s sleigh?

6. What sweet bread is eaten for Christmas day breakfast in some parts of Belgium?

7. What town was Jesus born in?

8. What coin is it traditionally lucky to find in your portion of Christmas Pudding?

9. In what country would you sing the carol ‘Sambasamba Zanahary’?

10. What ancient religion might have the Wisemen belonged to?

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