A little help from my friends, please.

Getting the Word out is the reason for the Lifespring! podcast. The more people that hear the podcast, the more that may understand that the way to peace with God and others is through Jesus Christ.

Having links in as many places as possible is one great way for people to discover Lifespring!

Another way is for Lifespring! to be as visible as possible at PodcastAlley.com. I know from the log files of this website (lifespringonline.com) that the referrals from PodcastAlley are down precipitously since we’ve dropped off their Top 50 list.

I also know how many times per week Lifespring! is downloaded. Based on that number, I know that it would be easy, easy, easy to shoot right back up the chart if just a small percentage of you would cast a vote today. Since you don’t know which others will vote and which ones won’t, I need you to be one of the voters. Please don’t be one of the majority who leave it to someone else.

If you believe that the message of the Lifespring! podcast is worth hearing, and if you think others could benefit from that message, could I ask you to please click here, and then cast a vote?

Remember, voting is done each month at PodcastAlley.com. It’s okay to vote more than once, as long as you only vote once per month.

Also, they look at the IP address when you vote so there’s no cheating. That’s a good thing, unless you are on a network and there is more than one person who wants to vote. In that case, only one person per month can vote per IP address. What you’ll have to do is remember to vote at another computer, or on another IP address if someone else on your network has already voted.

As of right now, we need 55 votes to put us safely into the middle of the Top 50 list. That will give Lifespring! good visibility for new people to find our podcast. Fifty-five is a very small percentage of all those who listen. I need you to do your part. Please vote here.

Oh, one more thing. Tell your friends about Lifespring! One suggestion is to send an email to everyone on your contacts list. Write a few lines about what you like about Lifespring! in your own words, include a link to http://lifespringpodcast.com and let them hear about the One who loves them unconditionally and who gave His life for them!


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