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REPOST: LSFB183_10: Lifespring! Family Bible…2 Chronicles 35 – 36 and Philippians 1

2 Chronicles ends with the destruction of the temple and then the promise of rebuilding. Philippians begins with the Apostle Paul greeting the church at Philippi with great affection.

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REPOST: LSFB001_10: Lifespring Family Bible…John 1-2

REPOST FROM JAN 10, 2010 Welcome to the fourth year of the Lifespring Family Bible. I’m Steve Webb, your host. This is the first episode of a one year journey through the entire Bible. We’ll be reading about 88 verses per day, and we will begin with the NT book of John, after which we…

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REPOST: LSFB202_10: Lifespring! Family Bible…Luke 21 – 22

Jesus and the disciples have their last supper together, Jesus is betrayed into the hands of his enemies, and Peter denies him three times.

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