LSFB227_12: Lifespring! Family Bible…Psalms 44 – 49…Reading Through The Bible In One Year

Our Psalm reading today runs the gamut; from the despair of feeling as if God has abandoned the psalmist, to praising Him with enthusiasm, to warning unbelievers about what awaits them, to the foolishness of relying on riches.

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LSFB226_12: Lifespring! Family Bible…Psalms 38 – 43…Reading Through The Bible In One Year

We find that even David, a man of great faith (and failures), had times where he felt separated from God…as if God didn’t hear his cries for help. However, feelings are not reality. David writes that God did hear him and rescue him. That’s a good lesson to remember when we are feeling doubts or separation.

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LSFB321_10: Lifespring! Family Bible…Revelation 20-22 and Hosea 1-2…Reading Through The Bible In One Year

We conclude Revelation with a vision of what is in store for believers and non-believers, then begin Hosea, where we see God’s ultimate vision of forgiveness for Israel, even though she is often unfaithful.

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