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LSWC08-03: Lifespring! Why Christmas “Day 3”

On today’s show, James Cooper tries to get his tonsils around four different ways of saying Happy Christmas and all from India – Hindi & Urdu, Sanskrit, Bengali and Tamil! And we’ll also find out a bit more about Christmas in India.

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LSWC08-02: Lifespring! Why Christmas “Day 2”

On today’s show, we have a listener who tells us how to say “Merry Christmas” in Chinese, so host Steve Webb uses the opportunity to talk about how Christmas is celebrated in China. Part of the discussion of China was specifically about Hong Kong celebrations, which also include a six week long celebration called Winterfest….

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LSWC08-01: Lifespring! Why Christmas “Day 1”

Welcome to the Lifespring! Why Christmas Show for 2008! This is the third year for this Christmas podcast. If you’re a regular Lifespring! listener you might have heard the Christmas member of the Lifespring! family for the last couple of years! If this is your first time listening to the LIfespring! Why Christmas Show or…

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