Dog Days of Podcasting

NewLSFB348: The New Lifespring Family Audio Bible -2 Samuel 15

Commentary on Today’s Reading Remember the judgement God brought to David after the Bathsheba incident? ““Because of what you have done, I will cause your own household to rebel against you.” Last time the judgement started in David’s own home, and now it’s affecting his kingdom. Absalom has begun an open rebellion against his father….

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NewLSFB325: The New Lifespring Family Audio Bible – DDP1

This is one of our extra weekend shows for the Dog Days of Podcasting, or DDP. I see some folks are abbreviating it DDoP, but I’ll just stick with DDP. The weekend shows will be a mix. As you know, I heard one of the other DDP podcasters, Dave Slusher, mention that he’s been collecting…

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