LSFB321_10: Lifespring! Family Bible…Revelation 20-22 and Hosea 1-2…Reading Through The Bible In One Year

We conclude Revelation with a vision of what is in store for believers and non-believers, then begin Hosea, where we see God’s ultimate vision of forgiveness for Israel, even though she is often unfaithful.

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LSFB282_10: Lifespring! Family Bible…2 Thessalonians 1-3 and Jeremiah 1-2…Reading Through The Bible In One Year

A short trip back to the New Testament to read the entire book of 2 Thessalonians, in which Paul addresses a church that he is happy with, and then back to the Old Testament to begin the prophetic book of Jeremiah. In today’s reading, Jeremiah brings God’s message to Israel. It is a message of…

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