Lifespring!196 “Lord, Save Us From Your Followers”

Big thanks to Today’s guest is Dan Merchant, sometimes known as the bumper sticker man. He spent three years making a film called, Lord Save Us From Your Followers. I was really affected by this film, and had the pleasure of welcoming Dan into my home just a few days ago to talk about it….

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Lifespring!187 “Where Is The Meaning In Life?”

Where Is The Meaning? With all the turmoil and loss of financial and many other types of stability, we take some lessons from Solomon and the book of Ecclesiastes. Music On Today’s Show Jimmie Bratcher’s “One Rock”                 Storms : Songs for the Heart When It Hurts” Big…

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Lifespring!185 “Seven Steps To Success In 2009”

Take Inventory Are you a better person now, at the beginning of 2009 than you were a year ago, at the beginning of 2008? Are you happy with yourself as a follower of Jesus, as a spouse, a parent, a friend, an employee? Is there room for improvement in one or more of these areas?…

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