NewLSFB455: The New Lifespring! Family Audio Bible – Mark 14

You know that fragrances, aromas, smells, can have an enormous effect on us, right? One of the greatest things about the Christmas season is the smell of the Christmas tree in the house. It brings back memories of Christmases past, and it just gets me into the Christmas spirit. The smell of the classic version…

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NewLSFB404: The New Lifespring! Family Audio Bible – Matthew 1 and 2

The Gospel according to Matthew was written by Matthew, who was a Jew by birth, and he was a tax collector for the Romans who ruled Israel at the time as an occupying force. So he would not have been looked upon with favor by his fellow Jews. When Jesus called Matthew to follow Him,…

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LSWC09-08: Lifespring! Why Christmas Day 8

On day 8 of the Lifespring! Why Christmas Show, Steve takes a look at the part of the Christmas Story where Mary found out she was going to have a very special baby. Find out more at:

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