robert j. morgan

HS61: Nearer, My God, To Thee

This hymn is one of my favorites, and one aspect of the story behind it is one of the most famous there is. This Episode’s Artist Anna RicheyLinks: YouTube | Website | Instagram Thanks to Robert J. Morgan As always, I want to thank Pastor Robert J Morgan for giving his permission to use his…

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HS60: Jesus, Lover Of My Soul

Today’s hymn story is that of “Jesus, Lover Of My Soul”. Lyrics by Charles Wesley and music by Simeon B. Marsh. I think you’ll like it, and the version of the song I play for you. This Episode’s Artists The Living Stones QuartetLinks: YouTube Spotify Amazon Music Apple Music Thank you to Robert J. Morgan…

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HS59: Lifespring! HymnStories “Revive Us Again”

Today’s hymn is Revive Us Again, and I think you’re really going to like the performance by today’s artists. The lyrics of Revive Us Again were written by William P. Mackay, and the music by John J. Husband. This Episode’s Artists The Akins, a father, David. and his two sons, Nick and Eli. If you…

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