The Tongue

NewLSFB248: The New Lifespring! Family Audio Bible – Proverbs 18 and 19

Have you ever considered how powerful your words can be? For some people, words come so easily that they don’t think about the impact even a casual word can have. There were some good things to remember from today’s reading. Verse 4 of chapter 18 said, “Words from wise people are like water bubbling up…

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Lifespring!172 “World Premiere of ‘Still Dancin” With Bryan Duncan and the NehoSoul Band!”

Hosted by Steve Webb Intro Woah! I’ve got a fantastic show today! You are going to be so glad that you listened today, and you’re going to want to tell your friends about the show too. Get ’em to listen to the show! Tell ’em how to download the show, better yet, tell ’em how…

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Lifespring!171 “The Tongue: More Powerful Than A Locomotive” TOLL FREE Comment Line (877)433-9091

First The show has so much more than what you see below, but this is the basic text of today’s message. You have to listen to the show for all the yummy extra content. Don’t miss it!!! Watch What You Say! The power of the spoken word is incredible. Its effect is so often underestimated…

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