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Steve Webb invites you to join him as he reads through the entire Bible. Each episode features a reading of one or two chapters, followed by a short commentary.

NewLSFB547: The New Lifespring! Family Audio Bible – Ezekiel 1-3

I usually take a minute or two after the reading to say a few words about what we read…a sort of commentary, if you will. However, I’m going to have to forgo the commentaries starting today and the next thirteen or so episodes. Why? Well, my youngest son (who currently lives at home with mom and dad here in Southern California) has taken a job way out in North Carolina, and I am going to drive out with him to help him get his apartment set up. We don’t actually leave until next week, but once we leave, I won’t be able to do any shows for you. So, I’m recording the shows ahead of time so that we don’t miss the readings. I’m not doing the commentaries because I frankly don’t have enough time to write that many of them that far in advance. But I do want you to have your daily Lifespring Family Audio Bible while I’m gone. I hope that’s ok with you.

2 comments on “NewLSFB547: The New Lifespring! Family Audio Bible – Ezekiel 1-3

  1. Jim Oas says:

    Hope you are doing OK DOK.

  2. Steve Webb says:

    So far, so good, James. At the moment we are under a tropical storm watch. We shall see how things develop over the next several hours! There has been no evacuation order given in our area.

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