Lifespring! Family Audio Bible - Steve WebbDid you notice what happened with the Doeg situation?

David is running from Saul, and he goes to the priest Ahimilech, because this is where the Tabernacle now is, since Shiloh has been deserted. David wants to get a word from God. Ahimilech asks David why he’s there, and David lies to him. He tells Ahimilech that he’s there on King Saul’s business. David was usually a man of faith and courage, but here, as he was fleeing Saul, both failed him. And the consequences were horrific.

Because of David’s lie that he was doing King Saul’s bidding, Ahimilech was convinced to give David supplies. But there was a man named Doeg, who was loyal to Saul (and not of Jewish descent. He was an Edomite), who saw what happened. And later, when Saul learned of David’s whereabouts, Doeg saw an opportunity to get on Saul’s good side and he told Saul what Ahimilech had done.

Saul went into a rage and sent for Ahimilech and his entire family, and then he accused Ahimilech of treason. Remember, Ahimilech thought that he was serving the king by supplying David. And he told Saul, “Everyone knows that David is your most faithful officer,” etc., implying that he, Ahimilech had no reason to suspect that David wasn’t telling the truth about being on a mission from Saul.

But Saul wouldn’t hear it, and in his rage he ordered his guards to kill Ahimilech and his family then and there. The guards, being aware that this was a priestly family, wouldn’t do it, so Saul ordered Doeg to do it, which he did with no hesitation. He killed 85 priests, and then Saul ordered all the inhabitants of Ahimilech’s city, Nob – a city of priests, killed. Every living thing.

And all this killing was because David lied to Ahimilech.

The consequences, the ramifications of our sins can and often do hurt many more people than we could ever imagine. That is why God hates it so much.

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