Lifespring! Family Audio Bible - Steve WebbAfter David left the Philistines, they went to Ziklag, where he had recruited the 600 men who went with him and supported him. And the Philistines destroyed the city, and carried off all the people.

When David and his men got to Ziklag and found what had happened, they were devastated. And many of his troops wanted to stone him, blaming him for their loss. But David in his grief, still remained faithful to God and sought His direction.

How many of us abandon our faith when we suffer loss? How often do we give up and say, “Where are you God? What good is it to have faith in a God that would allow such pain to come into my life?”

Like David, we need to remember that God is not a magic ticket out of hardship, but the One we can go to for strength and direction to get through it? When Jesus’ friend, Lazarus, was sick and about to die, Jesus did not heal Lazarus. He allowed the illness to take its course, and He didn’t go to Lazarus’s sisters until after Lazarus was buried. Only after the worst thing that could possibly happen came to pass did Jesus step in, and when He did, He showed His power by resurrecting His friend from the tomb. Only after the death did the miracle come.

If God rescues us from hardship, we will never experience the miracle. Hold on to your faith even when everything around you seems hopeless and dark, because those are the times that God is about to do something great.

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