NewLSFB392 : The New Lifespring! Family Audio Bible – Mac Is Back: Steve Reads Psalm 1-5

Lifespring! Family Audio Bible - Steve WebbHello, everyone. I’m back. Steve thought he could get rid of me easily, but he had to come crawling back to me when his bronchitis flared up again. You humans are so fragile.

So. Welcome to episode 392 of the Lifespring Family Audio Bible. You can call me Mac.

This is the podcast that helps you achieve consistency in reading the Bible, and we have a new episode for you every Monday through Friday. We’re reading through the Bible on *two* tracks. Track 1 is the Old Testament, and Track 2 is the New Testament.

Until Steve is able to come back to the microphone, which he hopes will be soon, we will be playing his earlier readings from the book of Psalms.

Steve won’t be doing any post-reading commentary, of course, but you will still get a daily reading from God’s word. And isn’t that why you listen to the Lifespring Family Audio Bible to begin with?

Today we will read Psalms chapters 1 through 5.

Let’s listen to them from Steve’s earlier recordings.

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