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The stories behind the great Christian hymns, after which you will hear a version of the hymn performed by some of the most talented musicians and singers.

Lifespring! HymnStories 1 “It Is Well With My Soul”

Why another “Lifespring!” show? Because today’s church has largely left hymns behind. Too bad, because there is a great treasure to be found in this beautifully rich music.
This show’s goal is to bring a new appreciation for the historic hymns of the faith by telling the back stories, and bringing new life to the music.

Listen to several episodes, and see if you don’t find new enjoyment and new ways to worship God.

In this first episode, “It Is Well With My Soul”.

Special thanks to:

Robert J. Morgan, author of “Then Sings My Soul”, from which the text comes.
Heidi Henninger who plays the piano and arranges the song “It Is Well With My Soul”.


It Is Well With My Soul
Lyrics: Horatio G. Spafford
Music: Philip Paul Bliss

It is well, with my soul,
It is well,
It is well, with my soul.

Verse 1
When peace like a river,
Attendeth my way,
When sorrows,
Like sea billows roll;
Whatever my lot,
Thou hast taught me to say,
“It is well,
It is well, with my soul.”

Verse 2
Though Satan should buffet,
Tho’ trials should come,
Let this blest assurance control;
That Christ has regarded
My helpless estate,
And hath shed His own blood
For my soul.

Verse 3
My sin, O the bliss
Of this glorious tho’t,
My sin not in part
But the whole
Is nailed to the cross
And I bear it no more.
Praise the Lord,
Praise the Lord, O my soul!

Verse 4
O, Lord haste the day
When my faith shall be sight,
The clouds be rolled back
As a scroll;
The trump shall resound
And the Lord shall descend,
“Even so” it is well
With my soul.


3 comments on “Lifespring! HymnStories 1 “It Is Well With My Soul”

  1. erik says:

    Good stuff, will be looking forward to the next one…
    I love the hymns even though I am a bit younger 🙂

    till the nets are full of treasures out of darkness
    erik hayes in Oita, Japan

  2. steve.lifespring says:

    Thanks Erik! 🙂

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