Lifespring!142 “A Standing Invitation”

“I’m going to talk today about one of the greatest and most incredible privileges that I can possibly imagine. This is just so amazing that I’m nearly speechless. It’s hard to put into words how blown away I am at the thought that this unbelievable honor has been bestowed on me. I recently received an invitation, with all expenses paid, to have a private meeting with one of the most respected and most loved men in America…”

Thus begins the show. But there’s something else, too. The subject is prayer.

Now, I know that for a lot of people, prayer can be a boring subject, but come on, when you think of it as an incredible opportunity to speak to and be heard by the most incredible, powerful, knowledgeable, kind, loving being in all of the universe, how can you not be completely jazzed at the mention of it?


Aaron…Talk 2 Me

Zack and Sarah…Surrender

Excerpts from:

Jimmie Bratcher…Take It Back

Karmyn Tyler…The Middle Man


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