Lifespring!90 “There’s Gotta Be More Than One”


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Jingle: A jingle is a short musical composition that makes you think about a product?and you just can?t get it out of your head! Make it 30 seconds or less.

Spot: A spot is a pre-produced audio piece that promotes a brand or product. Make it short, make it hot! Don?t just make a normal ad. 30 seconds is almost too long!

Filetype: .mp3

Filesizes: at the most 6MB

Reward #1: Piles of Money

Reward #2: Ad will be featured in an EarthLink campaign on the top podcasts in the industry.


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On today?s show, I?ll read some listener mail, announce the winners of the Steven Stewart CDs, and talk a little about the question of whether Jesus is really the only way to God. I mean, after all, if you?re sincere, all roads lead to God, right? Right???


Blue Dew…”The Swimming Song”

Olwen Ringrose…”Let Me Introduce You”

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