Lifespring! Music Show

Hosted BySteve Webb

A fun assortment of music. Could be blues. Maybe classic rock or Hawaiian slack-key. Perhaps Gershwin, perhaps punk. The common thread is quality. No junk here. Take a listen.

WMS05: Lifespring! Weekend Music Show

Hosted by Steve Webb
Email: steve (d o t) lifespring (a t) gmail (d o t) com
Voice comment line: (206)350-CALL

Host Steve Webb is joined by his twelve year old son, Timothy. Listen in as they banter back and forth and have a great time between some very cool weekend songs.

Artists and Songs

bill sang the album version of “Panacea”

Destiny Lab did “The Planet of the Apes”. There are two places the group wanted me to point you to: and
wahba sang “Everlasting”
Vanessa Jourdan sang “Wanderlust”
Transic Vibe did “Prodigal”
Johnny Rawls sang “Long Black Car”

2 comments on “WMS05: Lifespring! Weekend Music Show

  1. TwistTim says:

    Great Show, need Timothy on more. That’s a good name, and it makes a good show even more interesting to have a co-host on it. That’s why I like TWiT, get to hear from different cross-sections of people. Seriously, Steve, I’ve been listening to your show for a while, and I like the choices you make for it.

  2. Thanks, Tim! I’ll tell Timothy. 😀


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