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A fun assortment of music. Could be blues. Maybe classic rock or Hawaiian slack-key. Perhaps Gershwin, perhaps punk. The common thread is quality. No junk here. Take a listen.

WMS97: Lifespring! Weekend Music Show “A Larry Norman Retrospective”

Larry Who?

Larry Norman left this earth about a year and a half ago, and I am so happy to be able to bring this show to you as a way to show my gratitude and respect to a man who was willing to stand out in the music world. He is known as “the father of Christian rock”, and if you are not familiar with this man’s music and history, I’m happy to be the one to introduce him to you.

Music On Today’s Show

Larry Norman
“Something New Under the Son”

“Righteous Rocker” (mp3)
from “Only Visiting This Planet”

“I Wish We’d All Been Ready” (mp3)
from “Upon This Rock”

“The Rock That Doesn’t Roll” (mp3)
from “In Another Land”

“The Great American Novel” (mp3)
from “Only Visiting This Planet”

“All the Way Home” (mp3)
from “Stranded In Babylon”

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