WMS97: Lifespring! Weekend Music Show “A Larry Norman Retrospective”

Larry Who? Larry Norman left this earth about a year and a half ago, and I am so happy to be able to bring this show to you as a way to show my gratitude and respect to a man who was willing to stand out in the music world. He is known as “the…

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Lifespring!183 “Kenny, Mark, and Habib”

This is a real departure for the show! Kenny Metcalf, whom I interviewed on Lifespring!176, used to cohost aradio show with Mark Christian. On today’s show you’ll be hearing an interview they did with Habib Bardowell, which never aired. It’s an entertaining listen! Find Habib’s music here. We listen to a call from Matt Mattero,…

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Lifespring!180 “Interview with Jesus Music Pioneer Chuck Girard”

Wow! As we celebrate four years, I guess it’s somewhat apropos that, as the very first Christian podcast not based on repurposed church sermons, we have one of the fellows who was at ground zero of the beginning of Jesus Music…the precursor of Contemporary Christian Music. Chuck Girard was one of the founding members of…

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