Lifespring! WhyChristmas Show

Hosted BySteve Webb and James Cooper

Bringing you Christmas music, traditions, customs and fun! Hosted by James Cooper of, one of the world's most popular Christmas websites, and Steve Webb.

Day 23 – Lifespring! Advent Calendar “The Wisemen”

The WisemanToday we find out about the Wisemen. Were there three of them and why did they travel so far to find a new baby?

Find out more about The Wisemen at whychristmas?com

Planetarium and astronomy software link mentioned in the show:
Theme music: Bryan Duncan and the NehoSoul Band

Background music:

Octaves Of Winter I
Download “We Three Kings” (mp3)
from “Octaves Of Winter I”
by Starfire Artists
Starfire-Muse Studio Productions

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